About Pacific Coast Memorials

Working with cemeteries in all 50 states!

Pacific Coast Memorials is a nationally known grave marker and memorial company located in Everett, Washington. We work with cemeteries in all 50 states and regularily ship our grave markers to Nevada, Oregon, California, Alaska, Hawaii, Texas, Idaho, Montana, and Utah. Pacific Coast Memorials is a grave marker manufacturer specializing in grave markers, customized granite memorials, headstones, flat grave markers, granite signs & plaques, headstones for pets, and indivdual stone engraving.  We also specialize in Bronze Markers.

Our friendly and dedicated staff at Pacific Coast Memorials are here to assist with this process. From our knowledgable owner Chris Green who can answer all of your Monument, Headstone or Flat Grave Marker related questions, to our memorial staff who will walk you through every step of the process and make sure you are happy with your grave marker. Our graphics team we will work directly with you on your custom headstone design until it is just right. Our production team makes every effort to manufacture your personalized grave makrker with the utmost care. Whether it is a simple Grave Marker or complex monubench our team at Pacific Coast Memorials is ready to serve you.

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