Pacific Coast Memorials Warranty

Pacific Coast Memorials Warranty

Limited Warranty Policy:

Pacific Coast Memorials warrant's that you will always receive world-class, premium customer service in all aspects of our relationship. Each memorial we create is manufactured from the finest quality, memorial-grade stone. No memorial will contain hidden flaws that would make it susceptible to cracking or disintegration due to natural climate or season. The carving and workmanship are of the highest quality.

Pacific Coast Memorials will replace or refurbish, free of all expense to you, any stone part of the memorial that may crack or disintegrate due to the effects of climate or season. We will correct our errors at no charge to you and if a mistake is determined to be your fault we will correct it for you at a reduced rate. Please note that regular maintenance is not a part of this warranty and customers should be encouraged to provide annual cleaning of their memorial. Certain stains from birds, flowers, trees, hard water deposits and associated hydrocarbon pollution will produce normal weathering through the years and some contrasts will moderate.

Upright monument customers should be encouraged to add their memorial to a homeowner’s insurance policy.

Results of war, earthquake, flood and wind damage are not covered by this warranty.

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