Testimonials and Customer Reviews

  • Hello Cary, I just wanted to Thank You again for all your patience & help in the ordering and design process of my Beloved Son's Memorial. You made it so much easier than I was anticipating this to be. I really appreciate ya'lls customer service. The whole process was somewhat therapeutic for me, (if that makes any sense), helped me in emotionally in so many ways, more than you will ever know. Again Thank you! And I wanted to send you a pic now that it is set...   2018
  • The memorial is so beautiful & touched each and every person. Many compliments to Pacific Coast Memorials on the headstone, I have been sending people your way.

    - Sammy
  • The headstone looks great and is just what Mom wanted. Thank you all so very much.

    - Gary & Joann

    - Nadine & Frank
  • Thank you so much Pacific Coast Memorials for your patient work on Bruce's memorial. We love it! God bless you and yours.

    - The Macaulays
  • ...This is all but perfect. The only way it could be more perfect would be if Jim was here still to see it as well. Many thanks my dears.

    - Kim
  • Jeff, Patty and I would like to thank you and all the folks at Pacific Coast Memorials involved with creating the beautiful memorial for Victor. We have received many kind words about his memorial. The stone setting took place this past Saturday 6/23/12. We had 5 of Vic's Marine brothers up for the weekend, and a Marine honor guard was present to do a 21 gun salute and play taps. Everyone present got to write their own message to Vic on the foundation before the base was set in place. If you do Facebook, there are some pictures on the "The boys of 3/5" page. Thank you again.

    - Tom and Patty Schumacher
  • Thank you all so much for the beautiful memorial for my daughter. I was there today just as Issac finished the setting and I loved it! Please convey my thanks to everyone at Pacific Coast Memorials. It such a awesome tribute to Karli.

    - JoAn
  • We received the memorial and were very happy with the results. Thanks for doing a great job and completing it in a timely fashion.

    - Jack
  • Wow it is so perfect a million thank you's for making my sons memorial the absolute most beautiful I've ever seen. It is as beautiful as his life was. Your team has really done an awesome piece of art! Sincerely thank you from everyone that knew Justin, my brother will be calling you to set up apt to see it. Thank you again.

    - Lori
  • There are no words to express how happy I am with your work! I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH!

    I just have to tell you how pleased I am with the excellent job you did on my beloved husbands marker. You went above and beyond to make this a great tribute to him. I was so moved when I saw it unveiled by Jon Bernasconi my concrete/masonry contractor. You all did an absolutely fabulous job and I can't thank you enough. I know I didn't make your life easy over these past few months with all the changes, but you all came through with flying colors and I truly appreciate all the kindness and consideration you displayed in your dealings with me. I am so thrilled with it. It is so beautiful! Jon Bernasconi has already set it and he said it is the best looking stone in the cemetery and he's absolutely right! He was so impressed with the high quality of your work and the reasonable price that he is going to tell everyone to go to you in the future!

    Since I will be placed next to my Howard when my time comes, I have instructed my children to contact you for my marker. They will have all the paperwork and pictures from Howard's so that you can make one for me that will compliment his.

    I am so grateful and thankful to you for making what I had envisioned a reality that will be beautiful for many years to come.

    May God richly bless you and yours,

    - Merinna
  • I know it's been months since Leah's marker was completed and placed, but things have been so crazy around here, and I just realized that I never told you how happy we are that we chose to work with you and Pacific Coast Memorials. You made the whole process so easy and Leah's marker is absolutely beautiful and everything that we wanted and more. I just went to the cemetery yesterday and it is very special and brings me great comfort seeing her marker and knowing she would think it's perfect too.

    - Linda
  • My family would like to give you and your TEAM at PACIFIC COAST a big THANK YOU.

    It took some time to complete this project, as my daughters kept changing the layout, but you never gave up on us.

    The memorial has been installed, and it looks FANTASTIC, I have yet to see any memorial in this large cemetery that looks as beautiful as the one you made for my wife. I'm sure I will get questions as to where I had it made, and I will not have any problem in referring your company.

    Again, thank your TEAM and share this email with them.

    - Dennis
  • We finally got the memorial installed this week. I just wanted to tell you that it looks perfect and that I really appreciate all of your effort to ensure I was informed at every step of the project and completely satisfied with the design. Thanks for everything.

    - Warren
  • My camera batteries died but Isaac kindly took some shots though I did tell him I would run home for batteries. My daughter Julie and I plus my friends were very pleased with Isaac's patience and kindness and terrific job. He is a keeper.

    Everyone LOVED PCM's finished product Thank you once again for making this journey one filled with good memories.

    - Karen
  • Thank you for all your service. The marker is in and looks great! Everyone loves it! Thanks again!

    - Marie
  • Thank you for all your support and professionalism through this process. Let me know if you ever need me as a reference.

    - Eric
  • I wanted you to know just how perfect the grave marker is for my dad, James McGrath Christie!! It couldn't be more perfect and just as we asked for. Thank you so much Pacific Coast Memorials....

    - Cheryl
  • Jeff, we really appreciate & Thank You for getting the Plaque for our daughter (Grace).

    Sorry was kind of speechless yesterday (A bit emotional, actually I was all broken inside), can you please give our Thanks to the lady (I think her name is Joy).

    Laugh as long as you breath, Love as long you live. One of Grace's belief

    - John
  • I just wanted to let you know that my mother’s memorial was installed on October 19th in time for her birthday on October 21st. My family all agrees that the memorial looks just wonderful, and the extra color added by the inlay serves to makes my mother’s memorial distinct from all of the others while still fitting in perfectly. With the cemetery limiting the size and style of memorials, I had a difficult time finding a way to make my mother’s memorial as unique and special as she is. The inlay fit what I was looking for perfectly and you and your sub-contractor did a wonderful job.

    Here is a little history to explain the design for the inlay. My mother immigrated to the United States from England in 1955 and brought with her a fondness for tea, English style with cream and sugar. My mother loved roses nearly as much as her tea and when I would visit her during the summer time at our family home in Spokane, I would often find her in the mornings sitting out amongst the roses enjoying both. The tea cup and rose inlay is very fitting, and will serve to spark memories in the minds of my mother’s many friends and family who come to visit in the years ahead.

    Thank you

    - Steve & Family
  • Attached is the final manufactured tablet for Yvonne's father (deceased) and mother (still living). I have been fortunate to have to come across on the internet, a company that makes memorials in the state of Washington. The price is absolutely the best I could find and working with Jeff Young has been a pleasure. He and other workers are very kind and considerate to one's needs and wishes in finalizing a memorial for loved ones.

    The consumer makes two payments for the memorial. The first payment is made when you make final approval on the design and spelling of the memorial. The other half of the payment is made when the memorial is to be shipped. One must be patient because it might take up to 3 to 4 months to complete. The wait time is worth it because the workmanship of the memorial is just terrific. I know our family will be pleased with the memorial. We did add on two color ceramic pictures of Dad and Mom.

    I told Jeff Young that he could use me as a reference when ever is appropriate. If you or family members have any questions please do not hesitate to email me or call Jeff Young toll free at 800-628-3042.

    - Luther
  • My mom's marker looks wonderful, I saw in Acacia today. Your help is most grateful.

    - Nora
  • Thank you so much for the wonderful job on my parents memorial stone. It turned out better than I could have imagined. The delivery went off without a hitch and the whole operation from beginning to end was handled very professionally. I appreciate your attention to detail and incorporating the changes I requested to the final product.

    - Diane
  • Hi Chris, I and the entire Cathcart Family would like to Thank You so much for the service and the compassion that we received. We are so please with all that you have done for us, We would like to also Thank Issac who placed the headstone, he was so pleasant to us and made sure everything was place correctly.

    Again Thank you Chris you have made our parents dream of having a beautiful headstone come true that will fill our hearts forever.

    - Lucretia
  • The stone was absolutely beautiful and looked so perfect on the day of the memorial with all of the flowers around it. I thank you for making it happen last week. It meant so much to me and especially to my three children.

    - Ann
  • Thank you very much for your support and patience. Your dedication to excellence is truly apparent with your outstanding coordination, professional council, and prompt response to our needs. SFC Hamilton or I will let you know when we receive the stencils.

    - LTC Winston
  • Again, we would like to thank you and your staff for the wonderful service we received at Pacific Coast Memorial. Our family memorial and the tribute to our baby daughters, Lainie Rose & Emily Joan is so beautiful. It is exactly how we pictured it to be. We appreciate very much the care that Darrin took while assisting us with our design. He was very sincere and sensitive to our loss while helping us through this part of the process.

    We appreciate that you kept us informed through each step of the process and appreciated your efforts in ensuring that everything went as smoothly as possible when working with the cemetery staff. It is evident that you have a great team within your business!

    - Steve & Tina
  • Just received your beautiful card with the photo of mom's tombstone. Thank you so much! I really appreciated the professional way in which you handled everything. Wishing you all the best in 2013, Pasadena, Texas

    - Victoria Swenson
  • Dear PCM staff,

    I just have to tell you how thrilled I am with the awesome job you did on my beloved husbands marker. You went above and beyond to make this a great memorial to him. I was so moved when I saw it unveiled. You all did an absolutely fabulous job and I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH! I know I didn't make your life easy over these past few months with all the changes, but you came through with flying colors and I truly appreciate your patience and all the kindness and consideration you displayed in your dealings with me. My masonry contractor has already set the stone and he said it is the best looking memorial in the cemetery and he's absolutely right-- nothing compares to it! He was so impressed with the high quality of your inscriptions and diamond etched photos in addition to the REASONABLE price that he is going to tell everyone to contact you in the future! I am so thankful I found Pacific Coast Memorials on the internet. Choosing your company was the best decision I could have made! It is so comforting to have his pictures on the monument to look at when I visit his grave. I am so grateful to you for making what I had envisioned a reality. May God richly bless you and yours.

    - Merinna W