Granite Columbarium & Mausoleum

Granite Columbarium and Mausoleum Units

Columbarium or mausoleum units can range from very large granite buildings or monuments typically located at cemeteries or churches, to private family columbarium memorial units. Mausoleums entomb full caskets, while columbaria contain niche units which house urns containing cremated remains. The granite plates covering a crypt or niche unit may be removed, and are held in place by one of a number of different types of locking mechanisms. Some units contain what are called "rosettes", which are small knobs that connect to the locking mechanism and help in removing the granite plates. Optionally, small bronze vases may be installed for the placement of flowers on a specific unit.

Pacific Coast Memorials has a long history of supplying both small and very large columbarium and mausoleum units, and creating design templates for niche plate engraving, which follow industry and design standards to give a professional and unified look. Below are only a few examples of the typical columbaria and mausoleums we supply, and custom designs and layouts are available upon request.

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